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Zone was an "Actual" who found the Dollhouse in 2019 along with Mag, Griff, Lyn, a little girl named Iris and her wiped father, Mr. Miller. (Epitaph One)

He had a very aggressive personality, especially when it came to tech which could imprint people. He wouldn't hesitate to kill "empties". Before the apocalypse he was a landscape architect.

His girlfriend answered a ringing phone at the beginning of the apocalypse, soon after they learned that she was pregnant. (Epitaphs)

He was a very suspicious person. When Mr. Miller "killed" Griff, Zone checked his birthmark, realizing Iris wasn't who she said she was. He tricked her into revealing her personality. (Epitaph One)

Zone eventually made his way to Safe Haven along with Mag and the little girl, "Iris", after she was imprinted as Caroline. After Topher reversed the apocalypse, he took it upon himself to look after the little girl. (Epitaph Two: Return)

Real Universe Info[]

He was played by Zack Ward.