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Wendall was Trevor's uncle. He was imprinted with Ivy's personality during the Thought-pocalypse.


In his original personality, Wendall was Trevor's uncle. He is briefly seen helping his nephew with construction tasks, and is immensely proud of his ability with tools. At 10.07am, he picks up the phone, but instead of being imprinted as a Butcher, he is imprinted with Ivy's personality.

Ivy imprinted herself into various individuals across Los Angeles, including Wendall, and attempted to recruit members for Alpha's army. The Ivy imprint attempts to convince Trevor to help the cause and meet with Alpha. While travelling to Dodger Stadium, the pair are involved in a car crash. They meet with Mag, Zone and Griff. The Ivy imprint attempts to explain her situation, but is killed by Zone, who believed he was a Butcher.