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Hello there, you have reached Terran Officer's user page, if you have any questions relating to this page, the wiki itself or anything else for that matter, please use the talk page. If you are looking for information relating to this wiki that may or may not be here, or just looking to see what this user has to on. Terran Officer is a fan of Dollhouse and is looking forward to the second season, particularly with the confirmed (and rumored) guest list.



Here is a basic list of contributions this user has submitted, click on the link for a more in depth list.





  • Custom Colors (Using colors from Memory Alpha for ease of participation) There's several minor tweaks that will be needed, which will serve as a bases for monaco's colors (despite the code language being different).

To Do List[]

This user has a lot to do, in order to make this wiki a better place for readers and contributors a like. If anyone wishes to help, has a suggestion of any sort, or simply wish to comment on the list, visit the talk page.

Wiki Wide[]

Theme Colors
Adjust the theme to match a more Fall/Dollhouse like appearance (Fall like colors in other words).
Formatting Tweaks
Creation of pages/codes to lesson the work load in formatting of the various templates (such as the sidebars) across the entire wiki.


Adjustment of code to ensure all needed/desired fields are in place, and that unused cells do not appear.
Episode Sidebar
Mostly theme/color related adjustments
Crew/Actor Sidebar
Minor tweaks of fields, and theme related changes
Character Sidebars
Mostly theme related changes, perhaps different types of sidebars for actives, actual persons and personalities (engagements) with fields to link to proper persons/personalities.


Amy Acker
Mostly citation, adjustment for overall career and necessary information past present and future relating to the current article and this wiki.
Summer Glau
Mostly citation
Work on new category names, relate to in universe terminology were possible, adjust real world categories to compassionate/similarity replace current ones if needed.

Current Project[]

Colorization of this wiki's theme.

  • MediaWiki:Monobook.css (Uncertain if I need to actually do it here)
  • Mediawiki:Common.css (Template, Layout and Light Skin Coding/Colors [Apparently])
  • MediaWiki:Monaco.css (Current Skin/Theme across All Wika)