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About me[]

29 year old software engineer living in Houston, TX

My Dollhouse stuff[]

The website! Fox seems to have let it expire after the series was cancelled. I intend to put back an in character website here (though slightly different than the last one) I also own a few props used in the making of the series, these include:

  • The shirt worn by Adelle DeWitt in A Spy in the House of Love (both a blood stained and not blood stained ones exist, I have the blood stained one)
  • Backstage passes for the Rayna Russell concert in Stage Fright (at least 10 or 15 seem to exist)
  • A book of Rossum medical records for Caroline Farrell (as far as I can tell these records were not used anywhere else, the cover is plain white with a Rossum logo. The binder is a generic binder you would buy at any office supply store. The medical records themselves are only about 5 pages, but there are about 100 copies of them in the binder)
  • Active files for Bravo, Charlie, King, Lincoln, Mike, Roger, and Zebra - With the exception of Mike, these are all basically the same 20 or so pages each with just a different active name and medical record number - they even list them all as being 27 year old blonde females. In Mike's file, however, is a photocopy of part of Sierra's active file, photocopies of land trust deeds for Nolan Kinnard (the originals were in a separate auction which I did not win) and some legal papers from 1991 that are almost certainly in there just to add bulk to the folder since they seem completely unrelated. (Side note: from the auction photos, it looks like all of the other active files, even the ones for Echo and Sierra for instance, contain the same 20 or so pages)
  • Active file for November (contains a photo as well)
  • Active file for Victor (a number of these seem to exist)
  • Victor's military release paperwork
  • A couple brain scan transparencies (several of these seem to exist)
  • Bennett Halverson's scholarship paperwork (at least 2 of these exist, I have 1)
  • Briar Rose book from Briar Rose (at least 2 of these I know exist (I have 1 and have held another), I believe there are 3 total though)
  • Metope/frieze panels from Gray Hour (I'm pretty sure that only these 2 exist, but I am not certain)
  • ATF file, photos and note from True Believer (I believe these are the only ones)
  • Brain scan and medical file of Terry Karrens (similar to the other brain scans but slightly different, I think these are the only ones)
  • Book, leaves, and "For the storm" note from Belonging (I believe the only ones)
  • Suit worn by Mellie in Instinct (hand made by wardrobe department, unique)
  • Folder delivered to Daniel Perrin in Instinct (contains some interesting stuff regarding drug investigations)
  • Jail medical file of Galena Gutierrez and food stamps used in Meet Jane Doe
  • Sketches of the piece of the Parthenon used in Gray Hour (all 4 in existence)
  • Prison and schematic drawings from Meet Jane Doe (all of them in existence)
  • "I'm running out of excuses" note from Vows (I believe I have all of them, there are about 20, interestingly I also have the pen used to write them)
  • Resume for Dr. Claire Saunders
  • "Wedge imprint report" for Whiskey
  • Sierra's attic bodysuit
  • 4 watercolor paintings

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