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Tom Voran is an imprinted personality used on an engagement Victor undertook at the behest of the Rossum Corporation to investigate an outbreak at Fremont College. This personality was employed when a glitch occurred after exposure to N-7316 and a memory fragment of Anthony Ceccoli surfaced.



Tom Voran was a part of the apparent National Security Agency response to the outbreak at Fremont College after the Rossum Corporation's N-7316 drug was released into the general population similar to a viral outbreak. Tom's job was to locate people infected with the drug and to discover the location of the missing viral before further contamination occurred. Much to the chagrin of Laurence Dominic, as the senior field agent, Tom Voran was in charge of the investigation and outranked Dominic "by a whole lot." Tom has also remarked that prior to meeting Dr. Gawas, that he had not "heard a flesh eating bacteria story" for some time.




Tom Voran is portrayed by actor Enver Gjokaj during his sole appearance in the first season episode, "Echoes" and is notable for being the first personality to experience a glitch of what would reveal to be Anthony Ceccoli's memories of his time in Afghanistan.