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"To Remember" is the name of the collage of photos on the wall of Adelle DeWitt's former office of the Los Angeles branch of the Rossum Corporation. Photographs of several individuals are arranged, including ones who served as Actives for the Los Angeles Dollhouse. (S1: "Epitaph One"; S2: "Epitaph Two: Return")


The following people were found on the photographs that formed the collage.

Other Uses[]

Nolan Kinnard used the phrase upon taking a Polaroid photograph of Sierra at the end of each engagement. (S2: "Belonging")


The exact meaning behind the wall is not explicitly mentioned, but it can be reasoned that it serves as a memorial for the people that had died (as evidenced by November's/Madeline Costley/Mellie's appearance on the wall) and perhaps, as a reminder that things may not be as they appear. It can also be configured to serve as a reminder to someones "actual" self.