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The Center is a secret facility located in Tucson, Arizona with ties to the Dollhouse that very few people, even Dollhouse employees, know about.


Adelle DeWitt had been to the facility at least once; and was familiar with the location enough to recognize images of nearby landmarks. (S1: "Briar Rose")

After killing the real Steven Kepler and dumping his body in Tucson, Alpha sent a picture of the Paul Bunyan statue to Laurence Dominic. This was done to distract the L.A. Dollhouse staff, as he was well aware that Dominic would know his supposed intentions in Tucson. The distraction later allowed Alpha to infiltrate the L.A. Dollhouse, and kidnap Echo and steal her past imprint wedges. (S1: "Briar Rose", "Omega")


The Center's location is Tucson Arizona, within sight of a "dreadful statue" of Paul Bunyan that could be seen from inside of the Center. (S1: "Briar Rose")


The Center is surrounded by a shroud of secrecy, with only a select few knowing of its existence and location, while other employees, such as Topher Brink kept ignorant of its existence. (S1: "Briar Rose")

Connection with the Dollhouse[]

The exact connection with the Dollhouse is unknown, but Topher Brink once speculated that the Center was the headquarters. (S1: "Briar Rose")