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A Tech Head is an individual who has specialized technology implanted into the skull that allows the wearer to manually imprint and wipe skill sets. Tech Heads are often people who are addicted to the imprinting and wiping of skill sets, and were heavily used in the war against Rossum and Butchers.


Tech Heads existed by 2020, when Anthony Ceccoli was leading a squad of tech heads that consisted of himself, Kilo, Romeo, X-Ray, and Yankee. The tech heads were fighting a war against the forces of the Rossum Corporation and the Butchers through the use of skill set imprints. (S2: "Epitaph Two: Return")

In 2020, after a recent battle, the tech heads lead by Anthony Ceccoli returned to Safe Haven, where they then joined the mission to return to the L.A. Dollhouse. Upon the return to the Dollhouse in Los Angeles, the tech heads engaged the attacking Butchers, defending the others until everyone was inside. Afterward, the tech heads rebelled, not wanting to give up the tech, but were quickly subdued by Alpha who had taken up residence in the L.A. Dollhouse. (S2: "Epitaph Two: Return")

Known Tech Heads[]




While making only one onscreen appearance in "Epitaph Two: Return", the tech heads were further explored in the Epitaphs comic book miniseries. In it, it's suggested that Alpha himself came up with the idea, allowing people who had not been given the Active architecture to imprint and wipe skills at will. It's also suggested that Alpha did this in response to the massive, world wide robo calls that were imprinting and wiping people as Butchers and Dumbshows.