Dollhouse Wiki

The article currently states that "Like several other female characters in Whedon shows, she is portrayed by a woman visibly larger than the Hollywood standard."

While I'm a big Joss fan and would love to believe this, I had a hard time with the facts. Certainly there are cases like Susan Ruttan, who appeared in not merely zero but one Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. But I would assume (as anyone reading the article would, I assume, assume) that we're talking about characters who appear more than once, or are at least somehow important. And when I try to come up with a list of actresses protraying such characters, I come up with:

  1. Miracle Laurie
  2. Amber Benson
  3. ???

I really hope I'm just overlooking dozens, or even pairs of women in Whedon shows that have taken on significant roles regardless of being "larger than the Hollywood standard", but I'm more than a little concerned that I'm not.

Please correct me!​