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Taffy is an engagement identity assumed by both Echo and Sierra, a master criminal working undercover as a prostitute. Her trademark expression is, regardless of active portraying her, is "Blue skies." She appeared in "Gray Hour".


Taffy Echo

Taffy is a master criminal hired to steal back a stolen piece of art from the storage in a hotel by Atalo Diakos. She is undercover as a prostitute, and she and her team are asked to go up to their rooms, due to all the noise they've been making. Taffy then runs to the hotel manager, apparentely have being beaten. He takes her into his office, and attempts to pay her not to press charges. She refuses, and knocks him unconscious. She then tells her team the access code to the office, where they disable the security system, and procced to break into the vault. While in the vault, one of her team members asks her to go out to have drinks, she tells him to ask her once the job is done. After locating the stolen piece of art (a piece of the Parthenon), one of the team members steals it and stabs another member on the team. Taffy then calls who she thinks is her back-up, who is really Boyd Langton, Echo's handler. At the end of the call, a high pitched sound is heard through her phone, and Echo is remotely wiped.

In "Meet Jane Doe", the fully self-aware Echo accesses the Taffy imprint to facilitate an escape for abused Mexican prisoner Galena. Immediately after Taffy rises to the surface of Echo, she uses her catchphrase, "Blue skies."


Taffy Sierra

As Sierra, like Echo, Taffy is a master criminal for an unknown organization, who trained to pose as a prostitute. As Sierra, Taffy has recently been passed over a big hotel robbery, the job going to another girl. She was hired by Adelle DeWitt to direct a remotely wiped Echo into passing security systems and safely getting her team out of the hotel before they are apprehended by security personnel. Upon Echo's failure to do so, she collects her money and goes to get her treatment, led by Laurence Dominic.