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Sophie Alvarez was a handler who worked for the Los Angeles Dollhouse and watched over at least two actives, one of whom was Whiskey.


Sophie Alvarez was Whiskey's handler during the active's time on engagements, with the former showing pride over the latter's popularity. Sophie also noticed Whiskey's strain, taking her to see Doctor Saunders on at least one occasion but denied that Whiskey would get time off. Sophie also took any opportunity to express the fact that Whiskey was the L.A. Dollhouse number one doll. (S1: "Omega")

Sophie was forced to work with Mr. Belvins when Whiskey and Alpha were sent double engagement. After the pair had gone rogue, Sophie continued to work with Mr. Belvins and the Dollhouse to track the actives down. Upon discovering the pair, Sophie rushed into the location, ignoring the injured client Lars and retrieving Whiskey for a "treatment". (S1: "Omega")

In 2008, Sophie was about to take Whiskey on an engagement when she was attacked by Alpha, and was one of the first people to rush to her aid. (S1: "Omega")

During an experiment that the L.A. Dollhouse was running, Sophie discovered Caroline Farrell outside the area were Actives were kept. Thinking that this was Echo, Sophie confronted her and the two fought with Caroline eventually gaining the upper hand and defeating Sophie. (S1: "Needs")




While the identity of Sophie Alvarez's Active is not made clear, the discussion she has with Boyd Langton in "Needs" would suggest the Active is female.