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The Self Shelf was an area inside the L.A. Dollhouse where an imprint wedge containing the primary "copy" of an Active's original personality was kept.


The Self Shelf was located in or near Topher Brink's Imprint Room in the L.A. Dollhouse, and was accessible by anyone in the room. (S1: "Omega")


The Self Shelf was in use by Topher Brink and his staff as of Alpha's composite event in 2008, when the "primaries" included Karl William Kraft, Alpha's original personality. The "primaries" stored here would also go on to include Caroline Farrell as of 2009, when Alpha returned to the Dollhouse and stole her wedge, (S1: "Omega")




It's not clear if this is the "Vault" that Topher Brink is frequently seen to access throughout the series. Evidence suggests that it could be, while at the same time dialogue in "Omega" suggests that the Self Shelf is literally a shelf inside the imprint room, whereas the "Vault" is a separate room behind it.

See Also[]

  • The Vault, another area where imprint wedges are kept.