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Scripts are code phrases designed to help a handler or programmer to control a doll's behavior. Dollhouse programmers take advantage of the visceral nature of language and imprint the dolls with these scripts, which help to dictate the Actives' actions and reactions. Though the scripts are usually standardized throughout the agency's many branches, some actives, like Senator Daniel Perrin, have been programmed with special scripts, so that their handlers can use the scripts in public without attracting suspicion.


The post wipe script has been shown to allow for variations or only parts of it to be spoken, suggesting that an active simply needs a response of some type rather than a strict word for word initiation, query and response. (S1: "The Target", "Gray Hour"; S2: "Belonging", "A Love Supreme")

Programmer: Hello, (Name of Active). How are you feeling?
Active: Did I fall asleep?
Programmer: For a little while.
Active: Shall I go now?
Programmer: If you like.


The Handler script is another script that does not require a word for word recruitment to get a response from an active, as it has been shown that the words "trust me" will get the response "with my life". (S2: "Vows")

Handler: Everything's going to be all right.
Active: Now that you're here.
Handler: Do you trust me?
Active: With my life.

Interestingly, an echo of this was used on Joss Whedon's other show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Willow: don't you trust me? Tara: "With my life."


Any mention of the word "treatment" by the handler triggers the Active's need to return to the Dollhouse. Echo has resisted this compulsion.

A deleted scene in "Omega" suggests that the "treatment" script can override the "three flowers" script, and that Boyd, as chief of security, can use the "treatment" code on Actives that he isn't bonded to (i.e. Sierra and November)

Remote Control[]


Activator: There are three flowers in a vase. The third flower is green.
Active: [no response]


Activator: There are three flowers in a vase. The third flower is yellow.
Active: [no response]