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Doctor Saunders was the physician of the Los Angeles Dollhouse until his death in 2008 during Alpha's composite event.


Doctor Saunders became the house physician for the Los Angeles Dollhouse prior to 2007 and became known for his concern of the well being of the facility's Actives, particularly Whiskey whom he felt was overworked and needed at least a weeks of rest to recuperate from her engagements. (S1: "Omega"; S2: "Getting Closer")

Saunders was the first person Alpha murdered during his rampage through the Dollhouse facility, as he had come to investigate the noises he was hearing in Topher Brink's imprint room. Alpha had brutally injured the man, causing him to look like a jigsaw puzzle. (S1: "The Target", "Omega"; S2: "Belonging")

There is a bit of confusion where Saunders actually died, most references imply it was inside the imprinting room, while "Belonging" seems to imply he died in Adelle DeWitt's office