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Samuelson was a Handler employed by the L.A. Dollhouse who was assigned to Echo until his death in 2008.


Samuelson was Echo's Handler prior to Alpha's composite event, and was killed by him during his rampage through the Dollhouse. The manner in which Samuelson was killed was swift, yet surgical, where as much pain that could possibly be inflicted was done so. It was noted that the time table in which this was done, was a grand total of eight seconds, despite the fact that the wounds inflicted should have taken hours. (S1: "The Target")

Three days after his death, some of Samuelson's blood was still on the floor, albeit dried, in the main area of the L.A. Dollhouse. Boyd Langton unwittingly stepped in the pool of blood during his tour of the facility, as informed by Claire Saunders. His remains were also still in Doctor Saunder's office, which she requested Adelle DeWitt for permission to have removed. (S1: "The Target")