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Richard Connell is a client of the Dollhouse who hires out Echo for a sexual encounter. He's portrayed by Matt Keeslar as "a ruggedly handsome 20-something with an easygoing charm".[1] The character's name is an hommage to Richard Connell, author of the short story The Most Dangerous Game which served as an inspiration for "The Target". At the end of the episode, Adelle DeWitt is informed that the entire file concerning Richard Connell is, in fact, false information. Richard Connell never existed. Who he really was, and whether he engaged Echo for his own reasons or was encouraged to by another, is unknown.

The Target[]

In "The Target", after Connell had sex with Echo, he gives her a five minute head start and goes after her with a bow. He later explains his actions by claiming to want to know whether Echo deserves the right to live.


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