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Rebecca Mynor is one of the identities taken by Echo. Under the imprint of Rebecca Mynor, Echo displays herself to be an affectionate wife, albeit with a worried attitude.


Rebecca Mynor was a nurse who supported her husband Joel before he became an internet mogul. She did not live long enough to see the house that he would have surprised her with, as she was killed in a car crash on the way, three blocks from the house that Joel wanted her to see. Every year, Joel rents out an Active from the Dollhouse to be Rebecca so that they can have the perfect day they never got to.


Echo possesses the imprint of Rebecca Mynor, a nurse and Joel Mynor's wife of seven years, who died when hit by a large truck. In "Man on the Street", knowing her husband's work in software, Rebecca accuses her husband of being involved in pornography when agent Paul Ballard trespasses into their home to find trails of the Dollhouse. Her love for Joel seems to be quite deep as she advises Joel not to anger Paul, presuming that provoking him might lead to more trouble. She does not like being shouted at. When Paul is assaulted by one of agent Joel's security staff, Boyd quickly steps in to save her and leaves the engagement unfinished.

After Echo's engagement as an assassin for the Dollhouse, Echo paints a picture of the house that Joel showed her and replies to Adelle that the painting is unfinished when Adelle admires the picture of the house. Echo finishes her assignment after she is once again placed with Rebecca Mynor's imprint, showing him the face that he dreamed of seeing when he bought them their house.

In "Meet Jane Doe", the self-aware Echo uses Rebecca's medical knowledge to help her break Galena out of prison. In "A Love Supreme", when Alpha begins killing all of Echo's romantic engagement clients, Joel Mynor is taken into Dollhouse custody for his own protection. On parting, Rebecca surfaces within Echo to tell Joel to carry on with his life and go through with his new marriage; Joel is happy to know that Rebecca, in a sense, continues to live as a part of Echo.