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Rayna Russell (portrayed by Jaime Lee Kirchner) was a pop star who earned her fame under Bill Zarella. Biz hires the Dollhouse to protect Rayna, who was attacked by a stalker during a pyrotechnic malfunction in one of her performances. Biz wanted a bodyguard for the singer, but Rayna hated having the muscle surround her. So instead, Echo was assigned as back-up singer Jordan, who was programed to subconsciously protect the pop star.

The pop star eventually grew tired of her life when she realized that her fame would fade in time so she made a deal with her stalker involving her death during a live concert. In reality, Rayna secretly wished to be killed onstage to end her career prematurely and go out with a bang.

Jordan saves her from getting shot after the stalker is infuriated with Rayna's introduction of Audra, her #1 fan, a title supposedly belonging to him. He takes Audra hostage and threatened to kill Audra if Rayna didn't meet him. The concert ends after the incident and Rayna chooses to wallow in her own problems and remains indifferent with the hostage incident. While practicing in front of a mirror, Jordan confronts Rayna about the incident involving Audra's kidnapping, Jordan decides to take matters into her own hands and initiates a hostage negotiation of her own, one with Rayna's stalker.

Jordan knocked the starlet out with a steel chair and tied her up, countering the stalker's threat by threatening to kill Rayna unless he released Audra. He called her bluff and she casually dropped Rayna from a catwalk (unbeknownst to both him and Rayna, who had a lifeline). Rayna's attitude changes whilst she dangled in mid-air, saying that she still wanted to live.