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A programmer is the person responsible for the technological issues of the Dollhouse, with imprinting and wiping as the main tasks.

Topher Brink is the lead programmer of the Los Angeles Dollhouse. His assistant Ivy is also seen imprinting and wiping Actives.

Bennett Halverson is the lead programmer of the Washington, D.C. Dollhouse.

In Epitaph One, it is learned that the altered Claire Saunders is able to imprint Actives, along with Whiskey later retaining some sense of this skill after the "Claire" imprint has faded.


Main article: Imprint

An imprint is the personality-package that an active receives before each engagement. The Dollhouse has a wide variety of imprints available, including memories of dead people (Eleanor Penn, for instance), allowing the actives to become whichever personality is needed for the desired assignment.


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A wipe is the technological erasure of memory. The Dollhouse performs wipes on each Active after each engagement, thereby also deleting the imprint of that assignment.