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Inside of a Dollhouse facility, the number one doll is the most requested Active of said facility, sometimes being requested to such an extent that very little, if any downtime occurs and the Active begins to feel the physical strain of constant engagements. This could lead to friction between facility staff members who may feel that that the Active is being overworked, or the Active sustaining an irreversible injury, making then unengageable. Actives who actually are, or may be considered the number one of their assigned facility, do not enjoy a special status in regards of treatment and may display ignorance of their so-called 'title', thereby continuing to express a desire to do their best.

Actives known to be Number One[]


  1. Implied in a conversation between Claire Saunders and Boyd Langton, this may however, have been a part of covering up Whiskey's existence, thereby making Alpha not actually being a number one.
  2. Replaced Whiskey, after the active had been rendered unengageable from an attack by Alpha.
  3. The known number one prior to Echo, this active was attacked by Alpha prior to his composite event, out of a desire to see Echo gain the title.