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Nolan Kinnard (played by Vincent Ventresca) was a wealthy doctor specializing in drugs used to treat mental illnesses and a Dollhouse executive. He had an obsession over a female artist, Priya Tsetsang.


Very little is known about Kinnard's personal or work life.

Relationship with Sierra[]

Kinnard began flirting with Tsetsang when he noticed her selling wares at a market, somewhere in Venice Beach, California. Tsetsang refused his advances, though he continually commissioned her works, mainly in an effort to seduce her. Out of desperation Kinnard staged a fundraiser for Tsetsang, going so far as to hire two Actives from the Dollhouse to assist in his effort. Tsetsang proved resilient, and after an embarrassing attempted rape, Kinnard permitted Tsetsang to leave.

Through his contacts in the medical industry, Kinnard later contrived to have Tsetsang dosed with mind-altering drugs, making her appear schizophrenic. He had her locked in a mental institution where he could continually "treat" her, and later arranged for her to become an Active. Dollhouse employee Topher Brink visited her, intending to use the Dollhouse to treat her condition; Tsetsang gladly went with him. She was transformed into Sierra. Topher remained unaware of Kinnard's complicity in her condition.

Kinnard repeatedly purchased Sierra's services, using his clout at the Dollhouse to bypass the house rule banning repeat engagements. He wasn't particularly comfortable with her other engagements, considering it "whoring her out" to anyone else. In "Needs", Sierra escaped from the Dollhouse with Victor and confronted Nolan. He was unapologetic, having summoned security agents to stop the Actives.

In "Belonging" Brink discovered his mistake - that Tsetsang hadn't been crazy after all. Adelle DeWitt told Kinnard she wouldn't let him have his way with Sierra, but he threatened her job. Her superiors forced her to comply with his demand - "keeping" Sierra as a permanent love slave. DeWitt, acquiescing, ordered Brink to imprint Sierra as such, but he instead restored the Tsetsang personality. At Kinnard's residence, she revealed how she hated him, and was in love with a man she couldn't even remember. The two fought, and eventually Tsetsang prevailed, stabbing Kinnard to death.

Brink and Boyd Langton hid the corpse, making it look like he had traveled outside the country, leaving Sierra behind.

Kinnard would later appear to Sierra as her recurring worst nightmare in the Season 2 episode "The Attic". His corpse, in the later stages of rigor mortis, would appear in bed with her, and threaten to exact his revenge.