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Nicolas Bashford (portrayed by Jordan Bridges) is the son of the late Margaret Bashford.


Nicholas is the youngest child and only son of the late Margaret Bashford. Nicholas has a strained relationship with his mother who pushed him into accounting. Prior to his mother's wake, he developed a gambling addiction and came to his mother's wake at the pretense of mourning. Echo (imprinted with Margaret's identity) comes to the scene in the alias of Julia.

After the funeral, Margaret expects the pleasure of reminiscing about her life with her own next of kin, but is rudely shocked to hear that she was perceived as cold, commanding and distant. Nicholas believes that she pressured him constantly into his current career as a stockbroker. The family speculate that Margaret was murdered by her gold-digging husband. Nicholas attempts to seduce Margaret, but Margaret, horrified, resists her son's advances.

Margaret enjoys riding her horse one last time late at night, confiding that she would miss him most of all, when she is surprised by Nicholas. A Dollhouse customer himself, he has guessed her secret. He admits to his monstrous gambling debts and the two reconcile when Jack mysteriously arrives with Victor (imprinted as Drew Chilton). Nicholas and Margaret hide and hear Drew reveal that he has discovered the doping. Drew storms off. Thinking he is alone, Jack screams with rage and frustration. Suddenly aware that he has been seen, he gives chase to Nicholas and Margaret.

Mother and son escape to her room, where she formulates a plan while Jack beats on the door in fury. She will write a note (in her own handwriting, of course), accuse her husband of the murder she now knows he committed and back-date it to a week before she died. The note complete, she suddenly realizes that Jack knows nothing about horses and wouldn't have known how to dope the horse. Nicholas reveals that he was the murderer. With the family fortune in hand he can escape his debts, and with the note he can set up Jack for the killing.

At this point, Jack breaks the door down; he realized earlier that Nicholas had set him up and was pursuing him for murdering his beloved wife. The two fight and Nicholas is subdued. Margaret burns the original note and writes another. Attached, she has written an addendum to her will, disinheriting Nicholas and giving his share to everyone else.