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N-7316 is a memory drug still in the research and development at the Rossum Corporation laboratory located at Freemont College.


Described by Clive Ambrose as a psychotropic modification of a phenethylamine compound, N-7316 breaks down natural inhibitions in the hippocampus in order to activate dormant parts of the brain. as a bright green liquid, with a dosage apparently within the microgram range, as implied by how easily it spreads between individuals; mere skin contact with an affected indivudal is sufficient to affect others, thus the drug exhibits characteristics akin to a virus, which makes it extremely difficult to contain in the case of an outbreak.

Effects on the General population[]

The drug's effects on non-Actives can be summarised by two phases, the first being similiar to a recreational narcotic, exerting effects such as giddiness and mild hallucinations. The latter phase manifests as a complete loss of impulse control, causing affected individuals to behave extremely unpredictably and potentially dangerous to themselves and others.

Effects on Actives[]

Actives are originally thought to be immune to the effects of the drug due to lack of repressed memory blocks. However, it proves to in fact affect Actives in a slower and significantly different way than the general populace, as it breaks down into a protease which then bypasses the man-made memory blocks resulting in a glitch to a tramautic memory. 


The effects of the drug can be achieved as easily as inhalation of its vapours and transdermal (skin) contact. Therefore it is likely active in just about any route of administration, which easily leads to outbreak. Though it can be metabolised over time and its effects wear off without incident, it has an extremely high potential for indirectly causing death, such as the first reported case at Freemont University causing an affected student to repeatedly smashes his head at a plate glass window until he is fatally injured, or later incidents involving armed individuals losing all sensibility with their firearms.