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Mr. Sunshine is one of Davina Crestejo's kidnappers, who held her for ransom, hoping to get money out of Gabriel Crestejo.


Mr. Sunshine, other than being a typical ringleader of kidnappers, is a pedophile, as evidence stated by Ellie Penn that when he would get tire of the young girls that he kidnapped, raped and molested, he would kill them and leave them to die. He dumped Ellie in a river thinking that she was dead. The experience then drove her to becoming a kidnapping and hostage negotiator.


During Ghost, he would become unaware that would be meeting Eleanor Penn through the active, Echo, who suffered an asthma attack when she remembered her kidnapper, whom she could only recall as Ghost. Echo nearly botched the case but persuasion from Boyd Langton made Adelle think otherwise. Ellie knew that Mr. Sunshine wouldn't give up Davina since she clearly remembered her previous experience with him. Continuing in her case, she persuaded Mr. Sunshine's accomplices to leave but then set them against each other. He died from a gunshot from one of his accomplices.