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Miracle Laurie is a recurring actress on Dollhouse. She will be "playing against (and pining for) Tahmoh's character, Paul Ballard"[1]. Besides her work as an actress she is the vocalist of the ukulele cover band Uke Box Hero.

Before Dollhouse[]

Prior to appearing in Dollhouse, Miracle Laurie appeared in several theater roles, and guest roles in a variety of television series, including Medical Investigation and the pilot episode of The Cabonauts.


Laurie portrays November, an Active of the Dollhouse. Her original assignment is as Mellie, the "sweet and slightly awkward next door neighbor of Paul Ballard".

In the lead up to the show airing, a media release suggested that Laurie's role had been changed during the retooling of the show in the Fall of 2008[2], "November has fallen out of the mix, because the show simply moves too fast now for me to do what I wanted with her."[1]. In the episode "Man on the Street" it was revealed that Mellie is actually November, a "sleeper active".

Laurie's first appearance is in "The Target".

Notes & references[]

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