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Matt Cargill was a wealthy client of the Los Angeles Dollhouse who was known for celebrating his birthday in style and favoring Echo's services.


Matt engaged Echo for a three day celebration of his birthday, described as an experiment to have as much fun as possible over three days, the pair were known to have sex, a motorcycle race through Los Angeles, and dancing at Matt's birthday celebration with friends and family. Towards the end of the engagement, Matt gave Echo a necklace which she left with and attempted to keep while commenting to Boyd Langton that she may have found the perfect guy for her. However, she dropped the necklace during the wipe and walked off without it, forgetting that it ever existed. (S1: "Ghost")

Matt engaged Echo again sometime after, having her imprinted with a different personality (Alice) for a different fantasy; during this time Matt showed Alice a motorcycle with the promise that she would soon use it. Afterward, the pair were going to engage in bondage sex while using a camera, however the equipment malfunctions and Alice departs for Freemont College, leaving Matt tied to the bed. (S1: "Echoes")

After several people who used Echo for romantic engagements were turning up dead, Alpha left a vital clue with Sierra that the next victim "ages well", Boyd Langton and Paul Ballard were able to determine that this was indeed, Matt Cargill. Boyd and Paul lead a group of SWAT officers to search for Matt and Alpha, and found the pair on a roof with Matt tied to a chair and a bomb strapped to his chest. After he admitted that his time with Echo was a "blast" Alpha mentioned that it was a pun and discarded the trigger device, which caused the explosive vest to explode, killing Matt in the process. (S2: "A Love Supreme")