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Mag' is an actual who managed to avoid being wiped or imprinted into a dumbshow or butcher during the "thought-pocalypse".

Mag is one of the survivors of a civil war in the post-apocalyptic future that the Dollhouse-technology created. In the episode "Epitaph One," set in the year 2019, Mag and a group of Actuals (people whose minds have not been wiped) stumble upon the abandoned Los Angeles Dollhouse, where they use the memories stored on its computers to learn about all the events that led to the collapse of society.

Mag (accompanied by Zone) follows Iris/Caroline to Safe Haven, then persuades Zone to help the group return to the LA Dollhouse.

On the way in to the LA Dollhouse, Mag is shot in the legs by butchers. She is later seen in a wheelchair in the medical room where Dr. Saunders used to work and an injured Kilo is healing. When Zone comes to say goodbye before leaving to take care of Iris after Topher's reversal bomb goes off, she reveals, after he asks "what'd you do? You know, before [the thought-pocalypse]", she "was at Berkeley. Studying Sociology" and tells Zone to "you know, look us [Mag and Kilo] up in a year or two." She remains in the Dollhouse with Kilo when the world reverts to its pre-wipe state.