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The L.A. Dollhouse is the Rossum Corporation's Los Angeles Dollhouse facility, located four stories underneath a regional branch of the Rossum Corporation in L.A. It is notable for being the branch where Caroline Farrell served her contact as the Active Echo, and for its staff resisting, and even fighting a war against its parent organization. During the fall, the facility served as a safe house for former Actives and staff alike until it was abandoned, with the survivors making their way to a safe haven. In 2020, the Dollhouse was sealed for one year with Echo, Priya Tsetsang, Anthony Ceccoli,T, Mag, and Kilo inside after the location was used to construct a device to reverse the world's downfall.


List of current L.A. Dollhouse employees[]

List of former Dollhouse employees[]

List of currently active Dolls[]

The dolls are named based on the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. Other Dolls are seen in the background but not named.

List of rogue Dolls[]

List of previous Dolls[]

List of Dolls sent to the Attic[]

The dolls are named based on the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. Other Dolls are seen in the background but not named.


The Los Angeles Dollhouse is a large facility at 23 Flower Street which is mostly underground beneath an office building. Adelle's office is aboveground with a view of the skyline, and connected to the underground section via elevators. The building's lobby includes a Rossum Corporation sign.

In addition to the living quarters for the Actives and the imprint room, the Dollhouse includes:

  • an extensive wardrobe room full of sets of clothing tailored for each Active
  • a wardroom and locked armory for handlers
  • a motor pool of black vans, SUVs and sedans

The Dollhouse is built to be as self-contained as possible, by recycling its air and water and using geothermal power. This also serves to conceal its location by minimizing its use of local utilities. The architect Stephen Kepler designed these systems. In Epitaph One it is revealed that The Dollhouse also has a security measure in place that vents some form of deadly gas throughout the entire facility. Whether it was always in place or put in during the events of Epitaph One is unclear.

The Future[]

At some time prior to the year 2019 the LA branch of the Dollhouse had severed ties with the rest of the organization and had become a safe house for former Actives. Adelle DeWitt who did not share the organization's low regard for the Actives became a de facto leader for the group/facility. The facility was later abandoned for an unknown purpose, but not before several Actives were backed-up (it is unknown if non-actives were backed-up as well) and hidden within the kitchen. The Dollhouse then remained presumably undisturbed until the year 2019 when a group of Actuals found the facility and decided to set up their base of operations there. They later met Claire Saunders, who had now reverted to Whiskey, who gave them instructions for a location known as Safe Haven.


Background Information[]

The L.A. Dollhouse is where the series' main storyline takes place, outside of the subplots and engagement storylines seen throughout the series. The name used for the facility, is based upon dialogue used in "The Public Eye" and "The Left Hand", wherein Echo is called "that L.A. Active" and the other Dollhouse the "D.C. Dollhouse"


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