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Kilo was an Active for the L.A. Dollhouse, and was notable for her small frame, which Topher Brink joked made her name fitting. Kilo was used as a test subject by Topher Brink on multiple occasions, and had become one of Anthony Ceccoli's Tech Heads by 2020,


Kilo was serving the L.A. Dollhouse by the time Topher Brink was developing his Disruptor, who had sent for her when it was time to test it on an active. After arriving to Topher's lab, Kilo cheerfully asked if it was time for a treatment, which Topher Brink found to be cute, and joked about her name matching her weight. After Topher activated the disruptor, Kilo gripped her head in pain and fell to the floor, unconscious and with a nose bleed. (S2: "The Public Eye")

Kilo was once again used as a test subject by Topher Brink when he demonstrated the remote wipe technology to Matthew Harding. For this, Kilo was imprinted with an aggressive personality, who targeted her aggression on Topher Brink in an attempt to get a reaction from him. After Topher used the remote wipe on her, Kilo reverted to her Active state, and asked if she had been asleep. (S2: "Meet Jane Doe")

Kilo 2x13

Kilo as a self-imprinting fighter in 2020

By 2020, Kilo had become one of Anthony Ceccoli's Tech Heads, and fought in the war against the Butchers and Rossum. In that year, Kilo returned to Safe Haven with Anthony, Romeo and Yankee and served as an escort for the mission back to the L.A. Dollhouse. Outside of the L.A. Dollhouse, Kilo took part in the battle against the Butchers, and was, with several others, able to make it inside. Once inside, however, Kilo took part in the insurrection against Anthony, not wanting to give up the tech due to what imprinting offered. Kilo was injured in Alpha's counter mutiny, and placed in the infirmary so that she could receive medical attention and recover. Kilo opted to remain within the Dollhouse to be protected from Topher Brinks reversal bomb, staying with Mag, Anthony, Echo, Priya Tsetsang and T. It was implied that she and Mag were becoming intimate. (S2: "Epitaph Two: Return")




Kilo was portrayed by Maurissa Tancharoen, who also served as story editor to the series, and co wrote several episodes with her husband, Jed Whedon.

Like other the Tech Heads, aside from Anthony Ceccoli, the name of Kilo's original personality was never revealed. It was also not revealed whether or not any of the original personality had been imprinted back into Kilo, per "Getting Closer", However, it should also be noted that Kilo did not act like a typical active, the imprinted skill sets as a Tech Head aside, she, like the others, displayed her own personality.