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Kiki Turner is an engagement identity assumed by Echo in "Belle Chose". Kiki is a seductive, fun-loving college student who was the romantic engagement to Edmond Gossen, a professor of Medieval English Literature. She displays a lack of comprehension of general knowledge (particularly Medieval Literature), shows nymphet qualities, and dances provocatively.


In Echo's body, Kiki attends Edmond Gossen's lecture and receives a failing mark for her paper on Chaucer's the Wife of Bath. Her client offers a private discussion of Chaucer in his office. During the discussion, Edmond fulfills his fantasy by translating the Middle English work of Chaucer to Kiki, who notices the sexual tone of Chaucer's work and has a revelation of women having more hold of the relationship. Edmond continues to flatter her and Kiki responds by making sexual advances.


Topher's attempt of a remote wipe causes Victor, currently imprinted with Terry Karrens', to experience a stinging headache. Victor, now imprinted with Kiki's personality, is unaware that she is in a male body and begins to dance in the club that Terry (in Victor's body) entered before being wiped. Kiki starts dancing provocatively, is stared at by a crowd of onlookers, and starts flirting with a group of men, still unaware that she is in a male body. When she tries to flirt with one of them, the man hits him and she hits him back, knocking him out. Paul Ballard finds Victor and is embraced by Kiki (in Victor's body and still unaware that she is in a male body) and the crowd of onlookers notices Kiki's atypical, homoerotic response to Paul's arrival. Paul successfully manages to recover Victor.