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Karl William Kraft is the original personality of the Los Angeles Dollhouse Active known as Alpha. A convicted prisoner, Karl exchanged a lengthy prison sentence for a five year contract with the Dollhouse during the experimental phase, making him one of the first L.A. Actives. Elements of Karl's personality have surfaced in Alpha and were a dominant part after his composite event, including the penchant for slashing victim's faces.



Karl Kraft was a convicted criminal who was sentenced for kidnapping, torturing and attempting to murder Nita Walsh before becoming an active. While the Los Angeles Dollhouse was still in its experimental phase, Karl was approached and offered a five year contract, at the end of which he would gain his freedom. Karl would accept the contract and be wiped, with his personality put onto a Wedge and an Active architecture installed, finally becoming the active known as Alpha. (S1: "Omega")

For Karl's time as an active, please see Alpha.

The imprint wedges carrying the personality of Karl William Kraft were Alpha's first target of choice, rather than necessity as Alpha felt that Karl had abandoned him. (S1: "Omega")

The potential resurgence of Karl Kraft is why Alpha departed the Los Angeles Dollhouse in 2020, to protect his friends should this occur. (S2: "Epitaph Two: Return")




Despite being a significant part of Alpha's history, the character of Karl William Kraft did not make any onscreen appearances. However, it has been suggested that elements of Kraft's personality have surfaced into Alpha, such as the penchant for slashing victims faces and obsession with pretty girls.