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Joel Mynor (portrayed by Patton Oswalt) is an internet mogul and a client of the dollhouse.


Joel Mynor had many hardships as a software programmer before becoming an internet mogul. He describes himself as the guy with the 'almost great idea' and always felt a step behind from other internet moguls who created certain Yahoo-esque and Google-type internet applications. He then went on to create other applications such as Sorceress, Eat Highlights, and Bouncy the Rat, which according to Paul Ballard's associate Loomis, was very popular amongst children.

Before becoming a Dollhouse client, he lost his wife of seven years, Rebecca Mynor, to a car crash, three blocks away from the house he wanted her to see and practically heard the impact of the accident. He would later hire the Dollhouse services to celebrate his anniversary with Echo, imprinted with his wife's personality. When Paul Ballard interrupted Echo's engagement as Rebecca Mynor, Joel confronted him with the idea that every person has a fantasy to keep them going. He states that there is no room for a real girl; Joel easily surmises that Paul is indeed in love with Echo, his considered fantasy.

Echo would eventually finish the engagement when she was once again placed with Rebecca Mynor's imprint, showing him the face that he dreamed of seeing when he bought them their house.

Mynor returned to the Dollhouse in the Season 2 episode "A Love Supreme". Ballard and Langton approached Mynor, fearing for his safety, after several other previous clients - all of whom had been romantically engaged with Echo - were found murdered, presumably by Alpha. Despite being protected by and within the Dollhouse, Mynor was exposed to Alpha. He later left the Dollhouse, doubting its ability to protect him, and revealed that he had found a second love. His second marriage presumably occurred after the episode. Mynor finally went into hiding in order to fully isolate himself and his new family from Alpha.