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Joe Hearn was a Handler for the Los Angeles Dollhouse who oversaw at least two Actives with the same name. Hearn was discovered to have been raping Sierra and was later on killed in retribution by November upon Adelle DeWitt's orders.

Character Development[]

Hearn maintains a humorous but cold, business-like demeanor at work in the Dollhouse. He is indifferent to the fate of Sierra's predecessor, who he implies is dead. Langton often argues with Hearn about the nature of their job; Hearn follows the job description to the letter where Langton prefers to get involved in engagements to protect both the client and the Doll.

When it appears Sierra has been raped off the job by Victor, Hearn finally shows some emotional involvement in his work, and is quick to suggest that he be sent to the Attic. However, Boyd deduces that Hearn has actually been secretly raping Sierra in a camera blind spot in the Dollhouse, and catches him in the act. After a confrontation with Adelle DeWitt and Laurence Dominic, it appears that Adelle has offered him a new mission: to eliminate Mellie, in a brutal rape-murder. However, DeWitt is actually sending him to his death. With Mellie's secret imprint in place, Adelle calls Ballard's apartment, activates the assassin imprint, and lets Mellie (actually November) execute Hearn.

Hearn's body was identified as a petty mobster tied to the Russian mafia, with no connection to the Dollhouse.


Boyd Langton[]

Hearn enjoys a largely antagonistic relationship with Langton. Their conflicting philosophies (and ultimately moralities) on how to treat, work with, and think of the Dolls leads to contention between the two handlers.


As Sierra's handler, Hearn is paid to be protective of her and so he is - in the field. In the Dollhouse, he rapes her on four successful occasions; he is caught on his fifth attempt.


When Echo and Sierra work together on an engagement, Hearn expresses disdain for her attitude and individuality. He treats her with scorn and derision. She gives him the same respect.