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An Imprint Room is an area inside of a Dollhouse facility where the imprinting technology is stored. It is also the area where an Active is imprinted with, or wiped of a personality for client engagements or Dollhouse missions. The exact design and layout of an Imprint Room can vary between Dollhouse facilities, with the only common factor being the imprinting technology itself.

D.C. Dollhouse[]

The Imprint Room of the D.C. Dollhouse is compact, and has little room to spare or move around in. The imprinting takes place with the Active being strapped to a stretcher and a visor placed over their face. (S2: "The Public Eye", "The Left Hand", "Getting Closer")

L.A. Dollhouse[]



The page name, "imprint room" comes from a line of dialogue by Topher Brink in "Omega" where he demaded to know why Paul Ballard was in "[his] imprint room!"