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This article contains information from the ARG "Dollplay;" its canon status is unknown.

Hazel Rose is the protagonist of the alternate reality game (ARG) "Dollplay." She is a curious young woman who enters a shipping crate to explore it, only to be locked inside when it leaves dock.

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Character Development[]


Hazel was a troubled and hateful child who underwent extensive, conventional, and unsuccessful psychotherapy at a young age. After conventional therapy failed, her mother, Alexandra Rose, began memory erasure experiments on her to help turn her into a more loving, well-adjusted child. The experiments were successful, and Hazel lead a happy and successful life with adoptive parents after her mother's death.


As a capable and curious young woman, Hazel seeks out information about her birth mother when she grows up. Her search leads her to information on her mother's research and she very literally reconnects with her past, antisocial, self. Hazel leaves the story a confident, slightly dark, woman with a vendetta against the Dollhouse.


Alexandra Rose[]

Dr. Alexandra Rose is Hazel's mother and psychotherapist. After Hazel discovers her past, she blames her mother for her identity crisis, but eventually accepts that her mother was only trying to help make her a better person.