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Graham Tanaka is an FBI agent who does not believe in the existence of the Dollhouse, thinking it to be little more than an urban myth.


Tanaka was assigned to the aftermath of Davina Crestejo's kidnapping and looked into the deaths of the kidnappers themselves. (S1: "The Target", "Man on the Street") During his investigation of the shootout and dead bodies at the cabin, Tanaka has a tense stand off Paul Ballard and forces him to leave, not wanting him at his crime scene. (S1: "The Target")

Shortly after Earth Day 2009, Tanaka lead the team that included Federal Agents, police and the fire department in response to the bomb threat against the Rossum building. Tanaka was angered to find Ballard present, and after yet another tense exchange, dismissed the response team when Ballard insisted that the Dollhouse was real; and right under their feet. (S1: "Omega")