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Grace is an employee of the D.C. Dollhouse and an assistant to Bennett Halverson.


Grace had became an employee of the D.C. Dollhouse by the time Echo had been brought in after interfering with an operation Rossum was undertaking. Working as an assistant to Bennett Halverson, Grace would bring Bennett drinks and maintain the imprinting and wiping schedule. Grace would also express interest into the activities that the Dollhouse was undertaking, only to be warned by Bennett that this would bring her to the attention of the Executives, something that would not go good for her. Grace was also ordered to keep Hades in holding and to cancel Aphrodite altogether. (S2: "The Public Eye")



While not explicitly stated, it would seem that Grace maintains a similar role to that of Ivy's, but it is not made clear whether or not Grace is capable of wiping and imprinting the actives.