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Gabriel Crestejo

Gabriel Crestejo is a wealthy Hispanic businessman in Ghost and father of Davina Crestejo.


When his daughter Davina was kidnapped by Mr. Sunshine, he hired Eleanor Penn to help negotiate for her safe return. He later received a phone call from the kidnappers while Eleanor Penn negotiated the ransom. When Davina tried to talk to her father, Eleanor interrupted and ended the phone call. Gabriel confronted her stating that Davina was trying to say something to him before the phone call ended. Eleanor replied that it would've compromised their current situation even more. Gabriel then intimidated her by questioning the validity of her past. Eleanor's imprint was unfortunately filled with a similar event like that of Davina. Eleanor's however was far worse. (S1: "Ghost")

During the delivery of the ransom money, however, Eleanor had an asthma attack that spooked the kidnappers, causing one of them to shoot Crestejo. He survived, however, the case was nearly botched. Eleanor was determined to finish the case and went to the kidnappers to confront them. She eventually saved Davina and brought her back to Gabriel. (S1: "Ghost")

Gabriel's connection to the Dollhouse was eventually discovered when Paul Ballard investigated the case and saw Gabriel's connection to the Mayfair Fund.