Echo is imprinted as Emily Jordan to act as a mother for a baby who lost his actual mother during birth. The father, Nate, made the decision to make Emily (Echo) think it was actually hers so the baby could have a maternal bond with her. Emily has a strong friendship with "Kelly " who was another active, hired by Nate to support Echo as a new mother. Due to complications involving Emily finding pictures of the actual mother, Nate calls Adelle and tells her he wants to get rid of her. When Emily overhears, she thinks that Nate was trying to kill her so she prepares an escape. Paul arrives and tries to retrieve Emily but before he finds her, she has left. Emily reports what has happened to the police, but Paul and Nate show up and explain what has actually happened. Emily is stripped of her child and she's forced back to the Dollhouse for a treatment. Even though Echo returns for the baby, she's not Emily anymore. She's just an active with maternal instinct still inside.

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