Elizabeth Craft was a co-executive producer, writer and showrunner of the first season of Dollhouse. She mostly works together with Sarah Fain.

Before Dollhouse

Craft and Fain joined Mutant Enemy Productions in 2002, during the fourth Season of Joss Whedon's Angel. They penned 8 episodes of seasons 4 and 5 and served as the show's executive story editors during its fifth and final season. After that they worked as producers and writers on The Shield until they created Women's Murder Club, a short-lived police procedural for ABC. In course of the events of the 2007-2008 WGA strike "Craft and Fain, who have a long-term deal with Fox, were told that James Patterson and ABC were done with them on Monday. On Tuesday Fox offered them a project. On Wednesday Joss Whedon called."[1]


Craft and Fain were the first crew members to have a Q&A-Session with fans of the show (April 2008, link). They discussed among other things the question of episodic vs. serialized storytelling: "The show will be episodic and serialized-- meaning every week we'll be telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end, but every week we'll also be weaving in the serialized elements of the Big Story. Sometimes that'll be in smaller, subtle ways, other times those elements will be front and center." They also explained the big theme of the show as being "about what it means to be human. And if you can't relate to that, you're... what, a robot?".

During the Fox-Upfronts it was announced that Craft and Fain will serve as show-runners for Dollhouse. Joss Whedon described this move by: "As for running the show, yes of course I'm running it, it's my baby, but one needs co-runners, cohorts, cohabitants, a Sundance (or two) to my Butch, a Tango to my Cash, A the-guy-with-the-nose-in-Weekend-at-Bernie's to my the-guy-from-Pretty-in-Pink-in-Weekend-at-Bernies. And those of you who underestimate Liz and Sarah remind me of the demons of the week who laughed at tiny Buffy."[2]

Craft and Fain have written the fourth episode, "Gray Hour", and the seventh episode, "Echoes".

After Dollhouse

After Season 1 of Dollhouse finished production, Craft and Fain became producers on 20th Century Fox Television's Lie to Me, writing the penultimate episode of the first season, "Blinded".

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