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Clyde Randolph was one of the two original founders of the Rossum Corporation and co-creator of the wiping technology. Clyde holds the dubious honor of being both one of the first people to be scanned for the purposes of imprinting, and the very first prisoner of the Attic. Clyde's scan was altered, and ultimately imprinted on to an unknown individual who became Clyde 2.0. This new version was not subject to Clyde's ambition while retaining his ingenuity. Clyde 2.0 ultimately betrayed Clyde, placing him in the Attic, on the orders of Boyd Langton. Clyde was portrayed by Adam Godley.


Prior to 1993, Clyde attended university with Boyd. The two would go on to co-found both the Rossum Corporation and the wiping technology. Clyde has mentioned that unlike Boyd, he himself did not have any plans for the realization of the potential for the technology, whether for the betterment or destruction of society. Clyde volunteered to be the first individual whose personality would be scanned and copied to be imprinted on to another individual. Perhaps influenced by Boyd, Clyde concluded that the imprinted individual could not be a full copy. Clyde's personality was altered so his drive and ambition would not be imprinted into Clyde 2.0. In 1993, Boyd ordered Clyde 2.0, who had been designed to be subservient, to betray Clyde, and placed him in what ultimately became known as the Attic.

Inside the attic, despite having been wiped and hooked into what was becoming the Rossum Mainframe, Clyde began to run scenarios and statistical probabilities of what the technology would lead to, finding that only three per cent ended without the collapse of society as a whole. During his time in the Attic, Clyde found a way to enter other minds as they began being placed into the attic, and killing them; he viewed it as taking them out of their misery and, to a larger extent, combating the Rossum Corporation the only way he was able to. During this time, he became known as Arcane, somehow able to make himself appear as a horrific looking monster who was able to prey on the fears of individuals within the attic. As Arcane, Clyde was hunted mercilessly by Laurence Dominic. (S2: "The Attic")

Tricked by Dominic, Echo, Anthony and Priya, Arcane's identity was revealed. He shared his information with the group, but later refused to accompany them in their escape from the Attic, insisting that he would serve the greater good by remaining inside. Dominic, who elected to remain inside the Attic to aid Clyde, later managed to escape. Before falling into shock, he managed to warn Echo that the Attic was no longer safe, and that Clyde had been killed. (S2: "Getting Closer")