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Clive Ambrose is Executive Vice Chairman of Rossum Corporation. Adelle DeWitt was contemptuous of him, saying that the only reason she didn't have his job was that he couldn't handle hers.

Sometime between episodes in Season 1, Ambrose offers clients "full body upgrades" by copying their minds into Actives' bodies -- the prospect of immortality -- for a 9-figure sum. Adelle was opposed to the idea. Ambrose was himself imprinted into Victor and ten other bodies in ten other Dollhouses. He was later wiped from Victor. He warned DeWitt that wiping him would constitute a defining choice.

After Adelle has Bennett Halverson kidnapped, Clive appeared in her office with a team of security men, claiming he was going to debrief her (and then presumably send her to the Attic). Clive and all his men were then killed by Boyd Langton, although Adelle stated that he was unlikely not to have back-ups of himself on wedges, due to her prior encounter with him.

In 2020, Ambrose was a high-ranking executive at Neuropolis. He took orders from former Dollhouse executive Matthew Harding, and both used new bodies. Ambrose objected to Harding "wasting" bodies by eating too much, getting them obese and then "acquiring" new ones. Ambrose brought Harding a new set of dumbshow bodies, one of which was Paul Ballard. Harding recognized Ballard and ran away, leaving Ballard to assault Ambrose.

Later on, the resistance restored all personalities to their previous selves, thus erasing Ambrose from his host body or bodies. (S2: "Epitaph Two: Return")