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Cynthia "Cindy" Perrin was the wife and confidante of Senator Daniel Perrin.

Finding that Cindy's birth records, college history, and other background information are fakes, the LA Dollhouse assumes that Cindy is a Sleeper Active, sent to control and spy on Daniel. Actually, Daniel Perrin is an Active, and Cindy is his Handler. She was assigned to him three years ago.

When Daniel and Echo flee, Cindy attempts to recover him, using their "call and response" script to no avail, then the Disruptor. She ships both of them back to the Washington DC Dollhouse.

While Daniel is about to be re-imprinted, she contemptuously tells him she doesn't love him or even like him for what she's been ordered to do.

Daniel and Echo later escape (helped by Bennett Halverson) and Cindy chases them again. When she catches up to them, Daniel has been imprinted as an assassin, and strangles her to death.

Later, Daniel tells the Senate and the media that Cindy was killed by a car bomb.