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Bobby is an imprinted personality used by Alpha for an engagement with a client named Lars for an apparent crime spree across the country. This personality was used for a double engagement with Whiskey, and was employed when elements of Karl William Kraft surfaced. Bobby also seems to be amongst the dominant personalities after Alpha's composite event.


Bobby is prone to intense paranoia as noted by Topher Brink and appears to be short tempered as well has having little patience with others. (S1: "Briar Rose", "Omega")


Bobby was part of a crime spree with his girlfriend Crystal and Lars when they were driving around the city of Los Angeles, during which time Bobby noticed that the trio were being followed by black vans. Sensing that perhaps Lars had something to do with this, Bobby took him and Crystal to an old power plant and relentlessly tortured him for information. Refusing to believe that Crystal and himself were imprints carried by other individuals, Bobby threatened Lars with death, warning that Crystal was in fact real and that she was the last person Lars would ever see. After being surprised by the arriving handlers and Dollhouse agents, Bobby rushed the team attempting to attack them only to be tacked down. Bobby was subverted when Mr. Belvins was able to use a script, asking him of he wished to receive a treatment. (S1: "Omega")






Bobby was portrayed by actor Alan Tudyk during his onscreen appearances, explicitly so during the season one episodes "Briar Rose" and "Omega", although it is implied that Bobby is one of the dominant personalities in Alpha, potentially expanding his appearances to each of the characters appearances (post composite event).

There also seems to be extensive similarities between Bobby and Karl William Kraft, Alpha's original personality, implying that Kraft may have been used to construct Bobby or that Kraft glitched into Bobby. Bobby also seems to be dominant within Alpha, as he imprints Crystal into Echo the first chance he gets, although this may have been to give him someone to easily manipulate as Echo would require instructions for the simplest actions (such as buckling up in a car).