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Blevins was a Handler employed by the L.A. Dollhouse who was assigned to Alpha until his death in 2008. Blevins is known for having a negative opinion about Whiskey, finding her to be a bad influence on Alpha and expressed disdain when the pair had engagements together. Blevins was killed in 2008, being Alpha's first victim after the Active's composite event through necessity.


As Alpha's Handler, Blevins oversaw the Actives' engagements, which included multiple duel engagements with the Active known as Whiskey. (S1: "Omega")

Blevins worked with Sophie Alvarez after an imprinted Alpha and Whiskey managed to elude the Handlers and kidnap the client, Lars. In a phone converstation with Adelle DeWitt, Blevins questioned Alpha's continuing pairing with Whiskey, citing her to be a bad influence on "[his] guy". Blevins was later able to talk Alpha down by using the "treatment" script after locating him in an abandoned power plant. (S1: "Omega")

Blevins caught Alpha kissing Echo and warned him that if Adelle DeWitt had caught him, the Active would be on his way to the Attic. Blevins then warned Alpha to watch his step. (S1: "Omega")

After Alpha attacked Whiskey, Blevins was one of the responders, taking Alpha to Topher Brink's imprint room, and holding him down. Blevins pleaded with Alpha to calm down and used the treatment script, which apparently calmed the Active down. Blevins attempted to hold Alpha down by himself after he was caught in the process of a composite event, where multiple personalities were imprinted at once. When the imprinting stopped, Blevins was grabbed by Alpha, who dug into his eyes with his thumbs, telling Blevins he understood hell now. His death was a result of necessity, being both a threat to Alpha and being in the way of his ultimate goal of escape, (S1: "Omega")



Blevins was Alpha's Handler, and as a result spent a lot of time with the Active, becoming fond of him, and seeing him as "[his] guy". (S1: "Omega")


Blevins was known for having a negative opinion of Whiskey, finding her to be a negative influence on Alpha, and expressed disdain at the pair being sent on engagements together. (S1: "Omega")



Background Information[]

Blevins was portrayed by actor Marco Sanchez