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Audra is an engagement identity assumed by Sierra. She was programmed to be the winner of pop star Rayna Russell's biggest fan contest, with subliminal instincts to protect the starlet in extreme danger.

Fictional History[]

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Audra won a video contest to be declared Rayna's biggest fan, and was thus invited to join her onstage during a performance. Unfortunately for her, that performance was targeted by an obsessive fan who planned to assassinate Rayna. When a backup singer, Jordan, prevented the killing, the fan took Audra hostage and threatened to kill her unless Rayna offered herself up instead. Jordan knocked the starlet out and tied her up, countering the stalker's threat by threatening to kill Rayna unless he released Audra. He called her bluff and she dropped Rayna from a catwalk (unbeknownst to him, Raina had a lifeline.) In the confusion, Jordan disarmed the stalker and knocked him out.

In spite of all that happened, Audra returned to her native Australia feeling that she'd truly experienced the most memorable weekend a fan could ever hope for.