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Alice is a female personality imprint for Echo's engagement with Matt Cargill as a naive girl who is introduced to motorcycles and kinky sex. This personality is notable for being the one when a major glitch occurred and fragments of Caroline Farrells memories surfaced.


In the process of figuring out how to tape having sex with Matt, her fiddling with the camera and TV changes the channel to a news story about an incident at Fremont College. She is compelled to go out of mission (leaving Matt tied up) after recollecting many of Caroline's memories, causing her to trace Caroline's experiences leading up to her becoming an Active. She aids Sam Jennings in exposing the Rossum Corporation but pursues him when she realizes that he just used her. Caroline's memories flash to the memory of her boyfriend getting shot, which cause Echo to try and knock down Sam. Exhausted and spent from the experience, she accepts Boyd's offer of a treatment, which she had previously rejected.

In this episode, Alice reveals that she went to Colby College.  This could be a play on Colby's newspaper, "The Colby Echo."  Joss Whedon, the shows creator, did after all go to Wesleyan, also a NESCAC school.