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This article contains information from the ARG "Dollplay;" its canon status is unknown.

Dr. Alexadra Rose is a psychologist employed by MIT's Department of Cognitive Studies. She is the biological mother of Hazel Rose, the heroine of "Dollplay."

Character Development[]


Dr. Rose developed the technology used by the Dollhouse to wipe its Actives. She used her own daughter as a research subject, motivated by a desire to see her clinically troubled child become well-adjusted. Topher Brink assisted her research.


Never actually seen onscreen, Dr. Rose appears only via an imprint wedge which Hazel uses on herself. Hazel as her mother shows her to be a commanding and driven woman.



Dr. Rose loved her daughter in a way that drove her to cross professional and ethical boundaries in her research. Though a psychologist should never engage in a personal relationship with his or her clients, Dr. Rose chose to perform her morally ambiguous work on her own daughter. Her daughter's memories were an acceptable price to pay if it gave Hazel a chance at a happy, normal life. But Dr. Rose did not stop at merely erasing her daughter's memories, she also admitted to attempting to make the daughter an improved version of the mother - resulting instead, in a " broken" version the mother ("Dollplay").

Topher Brink[]

Topher Brink acted as Dr. Rose's research assistant. Although they never interact onscreen, her statements about him in "Dollplay" and her notes in his psychological profile suggest that she both respected his intelligence and was exasperated by his behavior.