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A Spy in the House of Love is the ninth episode of Dollhouse. It was written by Andrew Chambliss and directed by David Solomon. The episode aired on April 10, 2009.


The working title of this episode was "Four Engagements."


When a traitor is discovered inside the Dollhouse, Echo and Sierra are programmed as spy hunters to uncover the culprit. Meanwhile, Ballard receives surprising news from Mellie, and Adelle harbors a secret.


Active Client Alias Personality Mission
Echo Unknown Unknown Dominatrix Fulfill a client's sexual needs
Echo In House/Herself Unknown Spy Hunter (Detective) Investigate mole from within the Dollhouse
November In House Mellie Paul Ballard's neighbour Sleeper Active; Discover what Paul Ballard knows of the Dollhouse
Sierra In House/Laurence Dominic Unknown Spy Hunter (Field Agent) Investigate mole from NSA Headquarters
Victor Adelle DeWitt/Miss Lonely Hearts Roger Suave Englishman Emotional support for and sex with Adelle.


Eliza-dushku-leather dollhouse echo


"Dollhouse is in such a difficult position. Trying to impress a network looking to make money from advertising with a show about how the world is full of big controlling corrupt organisations trying to manipulate people."
The TV Critic Review
"Dramatically packed and emotionally charged, "Spy In The House Of Love" remains another shining example of the potential "Dollhouse" carries - this series could very well be the next big hit for the genre."
Airlock Alpha Recap
"“A Spy In The House Of Love” (..)offered many reasons why Dollhouse deserves a second season, not all of them having to do with Eliza Dushku strutting around in dominatrix gear. (...) After last week’s revelation-a-thon (...) the writers have decided to hit the gas and the result is another one of the most exhilarating hours of the season."
A.V. Club Recap
"If anything, this is the episode that feels like it could cure my lumbago, pay my mortgage and cook me a Spanish omelet, it was that good."
Alan Sepinwall Recap


"A Spy in the House of Love" reached 3.503 million viewers, a 2.2/4 Rating/Share, a 1.4/4 Rating/Share in the 18-49 demographic and a 1.6/5 Rating/Share in the 25-54 demographic. The episode was watched by 2.891 million viewers Live, 3.505 million viewers Live+SD and 4.399 million viewers Live+7. The episode averaged a 1.08 Rating in the 18-49 demographic Live, a 1.39 Live+SD and a 1.87 Live+7. Overall "A Spy in the House of Love" had 1.503 million DVR viewers. 34.2% of all viewings of "A Spy in the House of Love" happened via DVR, that's the sixth greatest percentage of DVR viewing for broadcast TV shows of that week.

The half-hour breakdown showed 3.63 million viewers and 1.4/5 Rating/Share in the demo between 9:01 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., and 3.49 million viewers and a 1.3/4 between 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

The quarter-hour breakdown:

Time Period Rating/Share Rating/Share (18-49)
9:01 PM-9:15 PM 2.3/4 1.4/5
9:15 PM-9:30 PM 2.2/4 1.4/4
9:30 PM-9:45 PM 2.1/4 1.3/4
9:45 PM-10:00 PM 2.2/4 1.4/4


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  • Paul Ballard's t-shirt appears to say 日本 (or Japan) on the back and appears to say 東京 (or Tokyo) on the front shoulder.
  • When "Ms. Sato" is entering the NSA building, the information displayed on the security screen when her stolen id card is swiped lists her name as A. Saito. The name plate on her office door in a later scene lists it as Sato, matching the credits above.
    • Toshiko Sato is the name of a field agent in Torchwood whose backstory involves her stealing classified information from the Ministry of Defence in a similar manner.
    • Other information listed on the screen is that her ID # is 34882, her eye color is hazel, she's 5'8", and she weighs 110 pounds.
  • When Boyd enters Dr. Saunder's office at the beginning of the episode, she quickly runs across the room to close a webpage on her computer. It was a fictional website, assumedly a dating service. This may indicate the doctor attempting to develop some kind of life outside of the Dollhouse.
  • During her escape from the NSA, Sierra pulls off her wig, and throws it on the floor. In the long shot down the corridor showing the pursuing guards, the wig has disappeared.
  • Victor's tie magically changes from green in the Dollhouse garage to purple while in the van.
  • Echo in her Dominatrix outfit received huge publicity and became an internet sensation. The scene is widely credited with winning Dollhouse its' second season. According to an interview she gave to FOX TV the dominatrix outfit was Eliza Dushku's idea and the one she chose the skimpiest of 5 available.
  • Ivy's Flamingo brooch in this episode is similar to that of the character Badger from the series Firefly.

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